New Born · 26/02/2021

What Do You Need To Know About Weaning A Child From Breastfeeding?

There is a time when the mother thinks that it is time to wean a child from breastfeeding. Even though it is such an important thing, it is so difficult for many kids to transition and leave the comfort of their mother’s feed. There are a lot of mothers that plan it gradually, and some prefer it to be sudden.

So is it possible to perform sudden weaning from breastfeeding?

If you stopped breastfeeding the kid suddenly, it could lead to crankiness of the kid, and they can cry a lot too. Some kids don’t feel the need if it is so sudden, but it is such a rare chance for this to happen. It is not a smooth thing, and the mother has to be so strong to do it as the kid will surely cry for it.

But the best way for weaning from breastfeeding is to go for a smoother transition. It will help the mother and the child to be able to make the habit, and there will be no issue in doing it too. There are the following reasons that prove that this one is a good option.

stopped breastfeeding

  • It is a good way to start, and it will help the mother see how the kid is doing and make a schedule for it. It is a good way, and it will help feed the child less frequently but for less time.
  • It will help the kid to make the habit too. When we make the gradual and slow transition, it helps them to become less cranky. Making it sudden will not be easy, but it will go smooth with the help of a slow transition and isn’t that what we want to have?
  • The kid will be able to get to the food that is now what he needs. This way, if the kid is getting something to eat regularly, it will be easy to stay full and not cry because of hunger. Such a thing can make an impact that is positive on the kid and will help them a lot too.

There are surely some complications in such things, and kids are never ready to let go of the nursing time. But good things always come to an end, and that is the same thing with nursing. So make sure to give time to the kid but make it under the schedule too.