About me

Hi! My name is Rebecca and I am a devoted wife and mother of two little girls and a baby boy. www.rebeccadana.com is a family lifestyle blog related to all things parenting and everything in between.

Once I had my first daughter, life as I knew it changed in the most amazing and challenging ways. I was living in her world and loving every moment of it. All I wanted to do was research every aspect about being the best parent I could possibly be. Everything from safe and natural products to healthy recipes toddlers will actually eat. That’s when www.rebeccadana.com was created. This blog is a place where I can share all of the things that work or don’t work for my family. A place where I can post about the safe products I use, the recipes we love, ways to keep a toddler busy, educational articles and so much more. Join me as I continue to embark upon this ever changing journey called motherhood!